Advanced Oxidation

Introducing the Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 Advanced Oxidation System

The Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 from Onvector™ is a new advanced oxidation process that applies plasma technology for successful treatment of industrial wastewater. Unlike other plasma treatment technologies, the Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 utilizes a plasma arc which provides more reactions and more robust, continuous, hotter treatment blast. Plasma Vortex™ provides higher levels of performance, improved energy-efficiency, and lower operating costs than any other wastewater treatment method.

With three patents pending, Onvector’s Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 is the most effective non-chemical, energy-efficient, oxidation system available for wastewater.

The Power of Plasma: Concentrated Energy

Plasma is a concentrated energy and simultaneously generates an array of reactive species in water, including: hydroxyl radicals (•OH), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), singlet oxygen, ozone, charged particles such as electrons, as well as focal areas of intense heating at the plasma arc of at least 2000 K. In addition to chemical oxidation, plasma is a robust sterilization platform for biological contaminants.

Plasma Vortex™ is less sensitive to initial water characteristics and able to oxidize a wide variety of chemical and biological contaminants.

When used as a non-chemical biocide, plasma technology has been shown to be an exceptionally energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly approach for the destruction of microorganisms in water.

Reverse Vortex Flow

One of the key benefits of Onvector’s Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30 advanced oxidation system is the use of reverse vortex or “cyclone” flows that extend the residence time of water in the reactor, thereby stretching the contact time between plasma arc and water, and amplifying treatment performance and efficiency, while cooling plasma electrodes and preventing their erosion. Reverse vortex flows become stronger with increasing liquid flow rate, providing a scalable, modular oxidation treatment platform.

High-speed camera shows rotation of arc in wastewater in a Plasma Vortex™

Plasma Vortex™ Advanced Oxidation Process

Plasma Vortex™ is less sensitive to initial water characteristics and able to oxidize a wide variety of chemical and biological contaminants.

  • Oxidizes chemical contaminants and inactivates microbial organisms
  • Delivers an array of reactive species directly into water, including: H2O2, UV, singlet oxygen, •OH (hydroxyl radical), electrons and other charged particles, as well as focal areas of high temperature near the arc.
  • Provides efficient knockdown of total organic carbon (TOC), chemical oxygen demand, (COD), acid-producing bacteria (APB), sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), and a wide range of other contaminants.
  • Increases energy efficiency of treatment.
  • Reduces cost of treatment and water disposal costs.

A Flexible Platform To Meet Your Treatment Volume

Plasma Vortex™ is modular and can be implemented as a recirculating system for repeated turnover to achieve higher levels of water purification or as a once-through system to deliver water treatment on-the-fly.

  • Modular system designed for 30 GPM. Larger systems are in development.
  • Multiple units can be combined (“daisy-chained”) for higher flow rates.
  • Plasma Vortex™ systems can be incorporated into process treatment trains.

Product Details

  • Plasma Vortex™ systems can be incorporated into process treatment trains.

Key Features of the Plasma Vortex™ OV8-30

  • Reverse vortex flow regime extends residence time of water in the reactor and plasma treatment exposure
  • Plasma channel stretches in the reactor in order to increase plasma-water interface
  • Quasi-thermal plasma: localized zones of focal temperature increases greater than 2,000 K
    on the arc
  • Flow design provides self-cooling to protect electrodes from over-heating and erosion extending their functional life
  • Strong but short-lived UV emission and high radical density
  • Gas inside the channel is ionized, producing multiple powerful plasma reactive species
  • Pulsed arc duration of 10-100 ms appears continuous to naked eye

Pulsed Arc

Plasma Vortex™ Model OV8-30

Treatment Flow Rate Range: 10-50 GPM

Design Flow Rate: 30 GPM

Piping Specifications 1.5”: Inlet Schedule 80 CPVC, 2” Outlet Schedule 40 CPVC

Product Details

The components of our Plasma Vortex™ include eight main parts: High-voltage plasma power supply, Electrode set with insulator and gas injector, Plasma reactor, Compressor, Air scrubber, Recirculating tank, Control system, Pumps, Piping and fittings.
The power supply runs off 208 V AC requiring 15A, 3-phase at 50/60 Hz. The pump is 1.5 HP with variable frequency driver. The electrode tips and air scrubber media are the only consumable components.

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