Ion Pinch™

Third-Generation Non-Chemical Water Treatment for HVAC & Process Cooling Tower Systems

Ion Pinch™

Ion Pinch™ is a critical addition to meet the demand for your high-performance treatment program

The Ion Pinch™ from Onvector™ is a safe, low-cost, easy-to-install, non-chemical technology demonstrated to provide robust treatment of mineral fouling while consuming a negligible amount of energy. It is a physical water treatment system that, in support of your chemical program, will boost the performance of your cooling systems by reducing scale and fouling, creating significant energy and water savings.

How the Ion Pinch Works

The Ion Pinch is a flanged device installed either inline with a chiller and cooling tower or on a separate sidestream skid with filtration. Its electronic control unit produces an oscillating radio-frequency electric field.

The straightforward, patented third-generation design applies electric fields directly to water, unlike the indirect approach of first and second-generation systems. Because our electric fields are applied directly, Ion Pinch has no limitation in its frequency or field strength, increasing the descaling performance of Ion Pinch. This key difference makes Ion Pinch the most powerful and efficient device of its kind.

Combined with filtration and bio-control, Ion Pinch is an essential component for delivering a total cooling water solution that is cleaner and more cost-effective.

Fouling Resistance

Benefits of the Ion Pinch:

  • Reduces energy losses from scaling and reduced heat transfer efficiency in chillers
  • Reduces fouling resistance up to 83%
  • Reduces make-up and discharge water costs by enabling Cycles of Concentration to be increased
  • Reduces the likelihood of cooling system downtime due to fouling
  • Reduces maintenance costs for acid washes
  • Increases capital equipment life and reduces replacement rates of system components
  • Synergies with sidestream filtration

Ion Pinch™

See the difference in Crystal Modification.

SEM images of 5000x magnification showed agglomerated, flaky, and hexagonal crystal structures after treatment by Ion Pinch, which sidelines a portion of the minerals and takes them out of the equation. Ion Pinch forces mineral ions to precipitate out of the bulk water making them easily removable and filterable. Without Ion Pinch, pointed, needle-like crystal structures form directly on heat transfer equipment as hard, tenacious scale layers that create chronic losses in energy and water as well as accelerate the depreciation of capital equipment.


Ion Pinch has two internal electrodes placed within a rectangular channel inside of a CPVC tube-shaped reactor with flanges on both ends. Install inline or on a sidestream loop using flanges to connect to existing piping.

Sizing and Specifications

Model Number: Pipe Size (inches)
RF-4: 2 to 4
RF-6: 6
RF-8: 8
RF-10: 10
RF-12: 12
RF-14: 14

Ion Pinch Reactor

Length: 18 inches
Design Pressure: 50 psig
Design Temperature: 150 degrees F

Control Box

Dimensions: 10½ x 10½ x 6½ inches
Electrical Input: 110 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Voltage: 5-volt controller output
Ion Pinch Output Frequency: > 20 MHz